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The Jack Malloch Library Project

Feature: Jack Malloch

Maple Leaf Early Years Centre has been working on building and developing a library and resource centre that will benefit the community of children, teachers and child care givers.

The whole program was still in its infant stage when we got a bright ray of hope, encouragement and inspiration from a young man – Jack Malloch.

Jack heard about Maple Leaf Early Years Centre from our Director and immediately, he set a target for himself to collect 1,000 books in conjunction with a school project he had, called “Pay-it-Forward”.

Jack Malloch

Jack surpassed his goal by far, collecting over 3,000 books from all over his neighbourhood, families, friends, bookstores, including renowned Chapters and Costco. He worked tirelessly and selflessly, expecting no reward. The response he got from people was both positive and overwhelming. From his school, they attested that this had been the most successful “Pay-it-Forward project response they had witnessed.

The books he collected are a wide range of books that will satisfy the interests of children from the early years, high school children, teenagers, pleasure reading for adults on a variety of genres, and even resource books for teachers on a variety of topics!

Jack has inspired so many people by his determination and fearless self sacrifice, and Maple Leaf Early Years Centre, our staff and children, cannot thank him enough. We congratulate him on his graduation from middle school and into high school (yes, he is that young!!) and wish him all the best in his future projects, adventures and endeavours.

As our library continues to grow and service the needs of children, staff and other adults, we will continue to update our progress.